ZOLL Utility Rescue System


This is the Mobilize Utility Rescue System, a smaller rescue kit than the Mobilize Comprehensive Rescue System but still a great choice for those who want to be prepared in the case of an emergency. A perfect compliment to any EMS or First Responder, the Comprehensive Rescue System is great for any situation including severe bleeding, CPR, seizures, choking, and burns.

Mobilize Comprehensive Utility System includes the Mobilize Rescue App for free! The Mobilize Rescue App provides ‘just-in-time’ to help those providing care during an emergency. The Mobilize Comprehensive Rescue System includes a tablet with the application pre-installed inside of a protective hard case while the Mobilize Mobile Rescue System includes the tablet inside of a convenient backpack carry case.

  • 1 | SOF-T Wide Tourniquet
  • 1 | 4″ Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • 1 | QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing
  • 1 | Hyfin® Chest Seal
  • 1 | CPR Face Shield with Bite Block
  • 1 | Emergency Space Mylar Blanket
  • 1 | Trauma Shears
  • 8 | Nitrile Gloves
Real-time Instructions at Your Fingertips

Each Mobilize trauma kit includes access to the Mobilize Rescue app. The app provides real-time, interactive instructions on how to assess, monitor, and manage care and provide treatment using the medical supplies in the kit.

The easy-to-follow diagnostic prompts enable anyone, trained or untrained, to help in an emergency. The Mobilize Rescue app uses interactive prompts, simple written instructions, and visual cues. It also offers additional descriptions of symptoms to help determine what is wrong and describe the steps for appropriate care. This innovative app will give you the confidence to assess, manage, and treat a multitude of medical issues, even if you have no emergency training.

Support Throughout the Rescue:

• Comprehensive set of medical supplies pairs with an intuitive instructional app
• Interactive prompts comprised of mostly yes or no questions
• Detailed step-by-step guidance on how to assess and treat patients
• Easy-to-follow text and color graphics
• “More info” buttons offer additional help
• Color-coded supplies with alpha-numeric labels correspond to the instructions in the app
• Time-stamped record of actions taken is available to share with EMS



Replacement parts I.E. batteries and pads please call 540-929-8019 or email Erin at info@cwarmor.com for a pricing quote.

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