Civilian Armor Systems

CW Armor's Civilian Armor Inserts offers top notch personal and professional defense against ballistic threats for yourself and your loved ones. Our inserts are designed, developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art processes and equipment to ensure high quality and high performance when deployed by operators throughout numerous tactical and urban situations.

CW Armor's Ranger Civilian Armor Inserts can be placed into existing backpacks, laptop bags, iPad cases, luggage or other cases of the user’s choosing.  These inserts provide an economical and lightweight multi-hit protection option for civilian use at work, school or during other normal everyday activities.

Our inserts are both internally and independently tested in accordance with the strictest criteria in adherence to the NIJ 0108.01 standard. 

Civilian armor also includes large format walls for "safe room" construction and armor plates for automobiles.

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