Plate Carriers

Trooper Plate Carriers are designed and manufactured in the USA according to strict quality guidelines using state of the art manufacturing equipment and processes. Built to exceed military and law enforcement standards, the Trooper Plate Carrier is high quality and the most cost effective solution on the market today. Look no further, there is no comparison to the Trooper Plate Carriers when it comes to cost, performance and weight.

Trooper Plate Carriers are designed to protect the operator from shrapnel threats of all types, high velocity handgun and/or rifle threats based on the level of armor insert chosen. These carriers are manufactured to hold various shapes, sizes and curvatures of CW Armor™ brand hard plates and soft armor panels.

The primary design of Trooper Plate Carriers is for basic ballistic protection with an option to deploy a rifle plate for short periods in situations where more ballistic protection is needed. Trooper Plate Carriers are manufactured in a variety of unique designs for fire, rescue, training, covert, tactical and everyday operations or deployments.

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